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Solar Power is a growing industry with a variety of different roles and niches.
While many people in this field work in technical roles such as installation or
scientific roles such as system design, there are many other roles that exist in the
process of creating solar collection systems for clients in the state of Virginia.

   Sunsolar is a growing company looking to expand its footprint in the solar energy field in the entire state of Virginia. We have job opportunities in all fields related to the solar
installation process.



Fairfax / Virginia Beach, VA

Electricians assist solar panel installers in connecting the panels to electrical components on the property. They must ensure safety to the customer
and the installers. They may also work on the system design to develop the most cost-efficient design for the customer. They will also be required to comply with the local and federal building codes.


Fairfax / Virginia Beach, VA

A solar sales consultant works with the customer through the entire process.
They will provide the customer with all the knowledge and understanding of the benefits of going solar. They will also work with solar design to make sure the system is meeting the goals of the customer. Additional duties include educating the public on any changes in the solar industry, and marketing to the public on issues such as climate change and other issues regarding the impact of solar on
our environment.

Install Technicians

Fairfax / Virginia Beach, VA

Solar panel technicians attach equipment to roofs and buildings and connect them to the electrical panel. This job requires experience in roofing installations and electrical work. Additional duties include safely using all installation tools and navigating through outdoor weather conditions.

Marketing Specialist

Fairfax / Virginia Beach, VA

Marketing professionals assist the sales team in generating sales activity through many channels. They can create press releases and social media content for the public. They are responsible for creating a brand guide and a marketing strategy for the business to augment monthly production. They can market through
canvassing in the local neighborhoods to generate customer leads and promote company branding by distributing company marketing materials.

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